Palestinians not Keeping Truce

The Hamas group and Islamic Jihad are not bound by the recent truce between Israel and the PA. So what does this mean? It means that Israel is doing their part and the PA is not. This also means more terror attacks will be launched against Israel and Israel will be forced to defend it’s people again.

In short, this recent truce is a failure. Even if the PA could remove Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, some of the members of the PA are members of terrorist groups as well so it’s not like if they would. I feel another war coming. It’s called phase 2 of the PLO.

A new Wave

I thought the wave of giving away GMail from blogs was over, but I guess not.

So I’ll try to stop the wave, or at least slow it down.

Would you like to get a free GMail account? If you leave a comment with your name and email address I’ll send you an invitation.

If you don’t know what GMail is, do a Google search 🙂