Browser War?

What browser war. Firefox is gaining ground! Internet Explorer looses market share! The Battle of the Browsers are back!

It is not a battle. It’s not a war. It is only a matter of education. If only people knew. It does not require a fight to get someone to switch to Firefox. But only a little informing. Anyone in their right mind will switch to Firefox after a short period of time, if they are using IE. If you like Opera that is fine. Safari and Konqueror are fine too. But IE. IE is the most evil thing on the Microsoft platform. I’m glad the we on the Mac side are rid of it.

But in the end, Microsoft will come down. Every story must have a good ending afterall right? 🙂

But MS will not fall to free software. FSF and Gnu and Stallman are nuts. It’s not about free software it’s about open source. FSF and Gnu lock you into a position. Open source let’s you do what you want with your code.

5 More Days of Slowness

Just thought I’d do another update here.

Just five more days and you will start hearing more about ACal 3.0 which will be coming out soon after. I will be working more on other projects as well ranging from making FlightGear work better on OS X (using C++ instead of Python for startfgfs) to Firefox/Mozilla contributions’.

GCC 4.0 on Mac OS X

Over the past few says I’ve been getting to know GCC 4.0.0 on Mac OS X. It is going to ship with Xcode 2.0 and I wanted to try out the new auto vectorization. And on top of that, stuff compiled with GCC 4 is supposed to be around 15% faster than version 3.3.

So, how did it go? To put it simply. It didn’t.
I checked out the latest source from the gcc-4.0.0 CVS branch, downloaded and installed cctools 528.5, built gcc from source, installed it. And gues what. It worked!

So why did I say it didn’t work then. Well most people assume that on Mac OS X you will be using Apple’s version of GCC. What’s the difference? Well Apple includes support for pascal strings. Something which is used in old APIs and other legacy code. The thing is that Mozilla still uses pascal strings in it’s source. And because of that I went through days of trying to figure out what \p was and trying to modify the source code so if would “work” with GCC 4.0. Meanwhile it was actually a problem with a missing GCC extension.

So why is this Apple only? Well Apple actually tried hard in my opinion to get -fpascal-strings into the mainline GCC but it was rejected. This is in 2001.
You can read the mailing list archives for yourself if you wish.

There are other small things here and there that break code that worked before. I won’t get into details here. For example plib would not build anymore either but I did not have a chance to investigate that.

Now I have been forced to move back to Apple’s GCC 3.3 in order to update the SVG Mac OS X builds I’m supposed to make available daily.

I was really looking forward to trying out the new optimizations but I guess waiting until Tiger is the only choice. And then sell a leg in order to pay for it.

The worst page on Wikipedia

I just looked at the Wikipedia page on the theory of evolution.

The page has no arguments against evolution but does have arguments agaist creationism. What’s up with that?
I would add some myself if I knew they wouldn’t be removed right away. Sadly the opposite is true.
So I’ll add some here.

First, evolution cannot be true because it’s whole point is to explain how we got here using science. Obviously anybody who believes the theory does not think a lot about the scientific law which says, “Matter cannot be created or destroyed.” So some argue that matter was expanded. And I laugh.

Where did that first life come from? In order to produce life there has to be life in the first place. Oh, so you want to tell me that some muck evolved into life. And again, in order for that to happen, whatever is causing it has to be intelligent. Because unorganized matter becomes organized? And I thought everything went from organized to disorganized!

And if you’re not smart, and have no idea what I was talking about. If you are a good thinker. You should go out in search the world for answers. Do NOT see it as the result of some evolution, but search the universe for answers in an open minded way. You will find that everything in life is organized and intelligent. Everything from the position of the planets, to plants and animals. Why is it that everything is so perfect?

The only corrupt thing on this earth, is mankind. God loved man enough to give us a free choice, but because of sin man has gone downhill.

ACal 3.0 Update 20050316

Well… events can now repeat daily for a specific amount of time. 0 will make the event repeat forever and any other number will make the event repeat that amount.

This is really great because in ACal 2.x events could only repeat daily for around 29 times due to a technical limitation. Now they can repeat forever.
That is because in ACal 2.x, events were “copied to each day.”
I ACal 3 events that repeat do not actually repeat in the database, but simply have a repeat column which says when to start, when to end, and gives the pattern. It is more complicated but yet not. Now adding exception rules to the pattern will take a little more work.

The major things blocking the Alpha release are event editing and April 5th.