EPSON Scan Cannot be Started!

I purchased an Epson Artisan 800 and set it up today. It’s a great printer. It has a document scanner, flat bed scanner. Built-in fax. And a awesome CD/DVD disk printer which has Mac and Windows software. Best of all it has built-in Wifi which I believe is 802.11n compatible.

So I’m running Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and install the Artisan software on my Macbook Pro laptop. Printing works great, no problems. But when I try to launch Epson Scan, I get the following error message:

EPSON Scan cannot be started.

Please use the Troubleshooting Assistant to solve the problem.
Do you want to open the Troubleshooting Assistant?
[ No ]      [ Yes]

Here’s what you want to do. Click on No because the troubleshooting assistant is useless. Then here’s what I had to find out the hard way. Its not documented by Epson and realistically you should automatically be prompted to run this in the first place. But here you go.

Under your Applications folder you will find another folder called Utilites. Under Utilies you’ll find an application called “EPSON Scan Settings”. If you open that and setup the network scanner in there, you’ll be fine. This works for ethernet (cabled) networks and wireless network scanning. And here’s a little video to demonstrate it.

(Same for both the Artisan 700 and 800)


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  1. READ THIS just in case it might further help you with this issue. I had the same problem even though there were a few differences with my situation which no one else seems to have mentioned in these other comments or else encountered. I don’t know if this matters but my OS is Mac 10.6.8. I have an Epson model WF 2540 but from what I have read in these other comments it seems that this issue affects several models and would not be surprised if it affects all models. I too could not find any information about how to solve this problem. Sadly I saw this solution here but thought it did not apply to me since the message that I got was different. It was in a box and had a red circle with in an “x” in it in the top left corner like the one above only mine said “cannot communicate with scanner.” Other than these few details the solution was the same. I entered my ip address manually since I did not know that you could select the address in the “search for addresses box.” Unrelated, I keep the scan app. icon in my dock. The only thing about this whole process is that I could have saved a lot of time if Epson had updated there user manuals. Notice the date of the first comment in this comment chain was on June 2010. I just bought this printer a week ago. The salesman told me that this is a new model. If that’s the case in two and half years Epson hasn’t updated there user manuals. I hope their technical department has it documented somewhere to reference when they provide customer support? Other than this I like Epson and have always felt that they produce some of the better products in the marketplace. That being said if you are listening Epson although I love the size of my new all in one it’s not very heavy. Hope it lasts. Hope this helps.

  2. Dont have Epson Scan Settings in my Utilities folder. What do you do then?

  3. Thanks for this post! You are a scholar and a gentleman. I just bought the Epson XP-800. For two days I’ve been trying to get this to wireless scan with Windows 8. Your tip help me fix my issue!

  4. Have Artisan 810, no scan utility found, scanner will not work. No help on Epson webstite as if nothing ever goes wrong with their junk.

  5. Thank you it worked. This fix kept me from having to take the printer back.

  6. If you can’t find Epson Scan Settings in your Utilities folder, just type it in Spotlight and it’ll come up and you can click on it – this happened with me. Took two attempts to get Network to find the scanner but now it all works fine.

  7. My scanner on my model 545 works like a charm when it works.
    About half of the time I get the “communications error” faq.
    Nobody seems to know what the answer is. Problem is once you pay your money you are stuck “Caveat Emptor” explains it all.

  8. Perfect solution. Had been struggling on and off with this issues for months. Thanks for posting, saving me from tons of frustration.

  9. Wow! Thank you so much. I’ve tried everything for the last 3 or 4 hours. Resetting my wireless connected scanner to Network made all the difference. Now if I can just find where the scans went…!!!

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