The family was telephoned and urged to leave

The destroyed Abu Askar family house was used to store Grad rockets. The family was telephoned and urged to leave before the house was shelled. – The Goldstoning of Israel.

I feel compelled to write this short post, hopefully to help spread the information for anyone who even thinks about believing the goldstone report. Those who wrote the report had made their decision before even beginning the inquiry.

It’s anti-Semitic, and intentionally sides with the terrorists.

Going back to the first sentence in the post, what other army in the world, let alone the small pocket of the world called the middle east, would call their target allowing them to escape, before launching the attack? Something Israel has done countless times in an mind boggling effort to save civilian lives.

“The Goldstone Report was born in bias and matured into a full-fledged miscarriage of justice.”

Who Else Thinks So?

Those are just a few.

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