WordPress API XML-RPC – New Easy to Use PHP Class

Here’s the story. I’ve been working on a tool which automatically creates posts inside of WordPress. And in short it’s been difficult to find good documentation on the API and I’ve not been very familiar with XML-RPC. Well today everything changes.

I’ve created a PHP class that you can use to create posts in WordPress using the their new API released in WordPress 3.4. It’s called wpclass and is hosted on GitHub.
This PHP class allows you to use¬†wp.newPost to create posts and supports most of the functionality. Currently I’ve only done a function to create and publish posts, but this class is easily expandable so we can add functions as needed.

Previously I was using the metaWeblog.newPost which had some bugs especially related to datetime values. I’ve fixed all that in this PHP class, by default it will use the current date when creating posts, or you can use the PHP date function to define the date of this post.

So have fun and enjoy your posting via API!