The Spoken Word

Job 6:24-25Teach me, and I will hold my tongue: and cause me to understand wherein I have erred. How forcible are right words! but what doth your arguing reprove?

As this text in Job says, right words have force. And Ephesians 5:4, “Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.”

We must not use our mouth for foolish, or filthy talking, and neither for jesting or joking. These are not convenient! Rather let us give thanks and use our mouths to speak positively instead of the alternative.

As Psalm 35 :28 says, “And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all the day long.”

Let it be so.

Two Years of

As of today it’s been 2 years that we’ve registered the Lighthouse Gospel Church web site ( in Port Burwell and launched it to the public.

Yesterday night I launched an major revision to the site based on the system I’ve also developed called Illumicore. It’s a complete rewrite and I am pleased with the initial results, but already see a list of things that need to be done. The design could be touched up, currently it’s too blue and almost discouraging. The administration section could be made more usable. Some content could be polished.

But we’re on our way and here’s to the next two years!

BWT, we’ve been added to the iTunes Music Podcast directory.

Students Know Less After 4 Years of Education

I read an article from the Jerusalem Post titled, “What are universities for?

What came to my thoughts immediately is how business owners often believe having a college or university degree somehow qualifies a person.
But from what I’ve personally heard from businesses nearby, a young man who’s maybe not even completed basic education makes a better employee, than one who comes fresh from college!

A person does not need a degree to make money. A person needs to be loyal, see a problem and fix it, and strive forward. It’s not lack of education, but lack of willingness, intuitiveness, and diligence that makes rotten workers.

You know I’m not against higher education. But learning only gets you so far. Continuous education somehow burns a man’s intelligence out of him.

Personally, I don’t have a single degree, but have been working full time since the age of 17, and worked during the summer for 6 years or so. Towards the end, education seemed so frustrating because I was solving problems in a text book that were not solving any problems in the real world! Certainly education is important! But it must be taken in balance.
I believe basic education should be done at home by the parents. I’ve both gone to a public school and gone through homeschooling. I know there are cases where homeschooling is not possible, but whenever it is, it’s best to be pursued.

After basic education is completed at home, the student should take up a job, and work with the passion God gave him. Be it a doctor, learn and work. Learning without working is like eating without exercise. Completely without use. The best doctors are not those who went to school for years, but those who learned with their hands. The same goes for trades, politics, and even the factory worker.

Want to become a rabbi? Read, memorize, and study the scriptures. Go through some courses sure, but don’t spend your life in school. The words of God were spoken to regular people. It doesn’t take years of education to know what the scriptures are saying. When you learn a language you don’t do it by simply reading and writing tests. But by interaction as well. By putting your knowledge to use while you are learning.

Document of Experience: Deer Hitting

I figured I might as well document my first experience of hitting a deer with an automobile. In this case the deer fell into the ditch and was a DOA (Dead On Arrival).

How did it happen? Well I was driving along and out of the darkness two creatures jumped out over the road so I braked and as an effect, slowed down.
My first thought was whew! That was close. And then all of a sudden, another deer jumps out and I hit it, and another deer right after that which ended up right behind me.

I feel/hear/almost-see a thud so pull to the side, turn around and look for the deer and see the damage.
We find the deer lying in the ditch, apparently dead. The left headlight on the car is damaged and there is a nice dent on the side, causing a jam not allowing me to open the drivers side door. The bumper has a nice big crack in it and one smaller one. The left signal light is out of order, but that’s all the damage to me.

Disappointingly I have absolutely no insurance coverage for this kind of thing. I pay $304 a month and still not.
So we’ll see how easy it is to fix all this. Mainly the bumper, lights, and door.

No I didn’t take the deer home for some free meat. Fitting it into the trunk wasn’t feasible and simply wasn’t interested in spending the night cutting up a deer.

Passengers? My sister Nancy, Nick and Margaret Nuefeld.

Lessons learne? Slow down as much as possible when you see even just one deer, there’s probably a lot more coming. Maybe it’s time for a deer whistle or other animal warning system?