CSS Margin-Collapsing

Just working on a new web site design here and doing the CSS for it, and came across a little thing that I’ve came across many times before but never understood it. So I ran a query through Google to see what might come up, and came across this awesome article by Minz Meyer at Researchkitchen.

Just to sum it up, when working with block elements, when you’re playing with margins, the margin collapses when you add a border or padding via CSS. After reading that article I finally know why.

Hope it helps you if you’re looking for the same reasoning.

Angry IP Scanner Crashing with Mac OS X 10.5.5

I just downloaded and attempted to run the Angry IP Scanner on my Mac running OS X 10.5.5 and Java 1.5.0_16 or Java For Mac OS X 10.5 Update 2.

Came across a little problem, it crashes on launch. Just bounces a few times and quits. No crash report or anything.

Well here are two commands that you have to run from the Terminal to fix it:

$ rm /Applications/Angry\ IP\ Scanner.app/Contents/MacOS/ipscan
$ cp /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/A/\
Resources/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub ipscan

Do that and it’ll work like a charm!

Gimp 2.6.1 for Mac OS X

There were some issues with the Gimp porting project by wilber, mostly lack of team spirit and collaboration.

So somebody has finally taken up the slack. Gimp 2.6 is now available for Mac OS X by Simone.

For those of you who might not know what the Gimp is, it’s the GNU Image Manipulation Program. So kind of like Adobe Photoshop, except the Gimp in an open source free project. Here’s a screenshot of 2.6.1 on my laptop.

OpenVPN on Mac OS X 10.5

I admit, my last post wasn’t really interesting at all, but this one’s going to be a lot better!

After many months of looking every once in awhile for a good easy to use OpenVPN client for Mac OS X, my search has finally come to an end!

I present to you Viscosity.

It’s easy to use, imports and export configuration files, works on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard.

Make sure you give it a try along with something like Untangle with it’s OpenVPN server.

If you don’t know what OpenVPN is, check this article on Wikipedia.

Disgusting Technology Writers

Apple a Bigger Open Source Enemy than Microsoft? I can almost guarantee that you did not click on that link. Nor are you interested in doing so.

Stuff like that is absolutely disgusting. It is true that Apple is very protective of their IP, but please name one open source project from Microsoft that is of substance. Now take a look at Mac OS Forge. Directly from Apple we have Webkit, directly used by the KDE project, Google’s Android platform, and other light-weight browsers. How about the Darwin Streaming Server? A very easy to use and intuitive, full featured audio and video streaming server for RTP and RTSP. It can be used in tandem with their commercial QuickTime Streaming Server product. Then there’s ZFS, launchd, XQuartz, CalendarServer, not to mention Darwin (the core OS layer for Apple’s Mac OS X) itself.

Sure, the iPhone is not what we hoped for, and iTunes is still laden with DRM, but the proof is in the pudding, and using a Mac is unbelievably better than any completely open source OS available today, no matter what any zealous fanatics say.