Alarms Groundwork Ready

The system which will be used for web based event alarms is ready to go for ACal 3.0. The hooks still need to be connected to the HTML and SMTP but the stuff that works is done.

I will not say exactly how it’s going to work until after it’s released, but it will not work on Windows servers because of the following reasons.

  • I do not have a Windows machine
  • I do not no how to do it
  • I have no desire to do it

So as you can see, all it would take for Windows support is for someone other than I to do it. But that will have to be done when it’s all over.

So what does this say for the alpha release? Maybe in two weeks minimum.

Redesigned Sidebar – ACal 3.0

I have redone the way you work with events in ACal 3.0. The previous design was just to complicated and used up too much space.
This new design uses up much less space and is easier to use. And as a plus it makes working with the code easier as well for me.

There is some discussion about whether to use a popup window for event management or the current sidebar implementation. If this get’s to be too big of a problem I will add a preference option for that.

An Alpha release will hopefully be coming this month, but the final release will not come until every feature in ACal 2.2.3 is implemented plus more.
The Alpha release will have a month view, and you’ll be able to manage events. From then on official snaphots will be made available from the ACal Project web site.

ACal 20050211

We always enjoy a progress update right?

Well Mozilla now almost has support for XForms 1.0 and so I felt like taking advantage of it because I’ve been waiting (looking forward) for it for a long time.
And what better way to put XForms to real world use than to use it in a calendar management pane. So that’s what the preference there is for.

ACal 3.0 has a long way to go before it’ll be of any use. But if the core is planned correctly, it will be very easy to change things later on.

And no, we will not make the February 12th Beta. If I would release a snapshot tomorrow it wouldn’t even be alpha quality yet. This calendar is really complex, but it will be work of art when finished.

Palestinians not Keeping Truce

The Hamas group and Islamic Jihad are not bound by the recent truce between Israel and the PA. So what does this mean? It means that Israel is doing their part and the PA is not. This also means more terror attacks will be launched against Israel and Israel will be forced to defend it’s people again.

In short, this recent truce is a failure. Even if the PA could remove Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, some of the members of the PA are members of terrorist groups as well so it’s not like if they would. I feel another war coming. It’s called phase 2 of the PLO.

A new Wave

I thought the wave of giving away GMail from blogs was over, but I guess not.

So I’ll try to stop the wave, or at least slow it down.

Would you like to get a free GMail account? If you leave a comment with your name and email address I’ll send you an invitation.

If you don’t know what GMail is, do a Google search 🙂