Arab’s Versus Israeli’s

AN END TO VIOLENCE! Says the Jerusalem Post.

Mid-East leaders announce truce says the BBC.

What are these news publications missing? First of all, an end to violence. How can a one month cease-fire be an end to violence? It’s just temporary. Once again the media is making it look like the conflict is gone for good. It’s only been a few days since the last attack.

But I do like what Mr. Sharon said, “We must not make do with a temporary stop in violence, but rather be determined and make sure that terror comes to a full stop, for good. We are willing to commit to all the obligations we agreed upon, and expect the same from the other side.”

But I have found the BBC to be the most unreliable news source, ever since they made Yasser Arafat out to be a good person who was all for peace, when he meanwhile invented modern terrorism single handedly.

I am confident though, and really hope Israel does not let down their guard. Because once the Palestinians have a good grip on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, it’s time for phase two of their plan. To destroy Israel. Israel cannot become satisfied, or let down their guard for one moment. They are surrounded by people who hate them. Who would love to replace Israel with Palestine.

The Internet

What a broad title.

The internet was created for the use of research. The idea was having all the information you can find, accessible by anyone from anywhere over a network using a web browser (user agent.)

A world wide information network.

Looking at it today, it has become that and a lot more. It is now used for communication as well, multimedia, and even entertainment.

It is used for evil, and for good.

Now for what this is really about, can the internet become the new school? Think about it. The internet really has the possibility of replacing schools and colleges as far as information goes. Then there’s learning by doing, something the internet can never replace.

Knocked out

I think I’ve been knocked out of developer mode into some kind of end user mode. I just can’t seem to get myself to write code anymore. Hopefully I’ll be able to find the switch soon so I can get back to my regular self.