Sound Support in Debian PowerPC

I do not have any support for audio in my Debian Linux installation on my iMac G4. Whether this is because of the kernel or not, I don’t know. But whenever I login I get this /dev/pmu error.

Fixing this would be really great!

Sound in Debian Linux Solved

Whenever I logged into GNOME, I would get this error message that said, “Permission denied: /dev/pmu” or something like that.

Running the following command in the Terminal as root fixed it for me:

chmod 0777 /dev/pmu

I have no idea what the correct permissions are supposed to be so I used that.

It’s fixed now but I still have no sound coming through the speaker so something is still not quite right.

New Bug Tracker in the works

There are not a whole lot of good bug tracking systems written in PHP although there are a lot of CMS systems and some very good ones.

So I have started writing a good bug tracking system in PHP using a flat file database. Since I’ve been to lazy to install PHP 5 I’m using PHP 4 so lucking for you (Maybe), it will not require PHP 5.

I would use Bugzilla if it wasn’t so slow and hard to install. But this system will be like Bugzilla in some ways.

I will probably release the first version as a module along with MachCMS 0.2 due this month.

Well this blog is in use now

Because I no longer wish to use my personal computer to host by blog, I am now going to be use Blogger which I must say is a good service.

MachCMS 0.2 is on track for late December because I’m having computer heat problems. And this is the only computer I have.

I am going to be using Linux more now instead of Mac OS X because I just like it more. Maybe I won’t have to shell out a bunch of cash for Mac OS X 10.4 when it comes out after all.