We’ve started an Online Disc Store

img_7617_bf0cb84e-4b86-4f89-9904-b60252675d96_1000xMy wife Melodie had the idea of having a family based business that we’d be able to do, and since we all enjoy disc sports and e-commerce is relatively easy to get into we said, hey let’s try setting up an online disc store and run the inventory from our garage!
So starting today you can now find our new family business at mydisc.ca.

We carry the awesome rubber based discs from Vibram Disc Golf, and the Canadian made discs from Daredevil Discs here in Ontario. Official Ultimate discs and the really nice flex golf discs that are great for playing in the cold.

Check it out, and if you’d like to try out some new discs we’d love to have your business!