Settlements are the Greatest Thing that’s ever Happened to the Middle East

I do want to state a few facts that you’re never going to hear on CNN.
What actually happened when the Jewish people started settling the lands of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The average Arab income tripled–so did their birth rate. The average Arab income in Gaza grew 20 fold. 2,500 factories were built. Seven universities were established. And the life expectancy almost doubled, jumping from 40 to 70.
Are the settlements the problem? The settlements are the greatest thing that’s ever happened to the Middle East. — Jeremy Gimpel

“Turning Jerusalem into a Jewish City”

  • Jerusalem was first settled in 3500 BCE and known as Rusalimum according to Egyptian writings.
  • In 1003 BCE King David established Jerusalem as the capital of the kingdom of Israel.
  • In 164 BCE the Maccabee’s recaptured Jerusalem and restored the temple.
  • Jerusalem is mentioned in 767 versus of the Bible.

Muhammad was born in 570 CE. and Islam didn’t come until around 620.


2010 CE I  am reading some of the headlines and come across this again for like the 100th time:

Israel’s objective is to “turn Jerusalem into a Jewish city,” the Hezbollah leader said.

OK, there’s three possible responses I could have:

  1. Laugh out loud. In fact laugh so hard I start to cry.
  2. Become angry with the disgusting nature of these lies, and where they come from.
  3. Understand what the bigger picture is, reach a logical understanding, and move on.

I don’t fully understand the bigger picture yet. And cannot come to any logical conclusion. Except for the fact that there is a spiritual war going on. I know who will win, but this is just another reminder of the propaganda being spread across the media by Islamic idealist. And the ideal world of Islam consists of many millions of dead Christians and Jews.

What is my message? Find the truth, things are never as they seem.

The family was telephoned and urged to leave

The destroyed Abu Askar family house was used to store Grad rockets. The family was telephoned and urged to leave before the house was shelled. – The Goldstoning of Israel.

I feel compelled to write this short post, hopefully to help spread the information for anyone who even thinks about believing the goldstone report. Those who wrote the report had made their decision before even beginning the inquiry.

It’s anti-Semitic, and intentionally sides with the terrorists.

Going back to the first sentence in the post, what other army in the world, let alone the small pocket of the world called the middle east, would call their target allowing them to escape, before launching the attack? Something Israel has done countless times in an mind boggling effort to save civilian lives.

“The Goldstone Report was born in bias and matured into a full-fledged miscarriage of justice.”

Who Else Thinks So?

Those are just a few.

Operation Cast Lead

Just trying to offset some of the propaganda out there by the media. I can’t believe how biased the majority of the media is against Israel. While there has been a lot of corruption in the government, I completely stand behind Israel. We are all united.


Also a recent article from JPost, please read it as well.

Why the UN is Evil

I came across a nice little article written by Anne Bayefsky called, “Again: Antisemitism, welcomed and cheered”.

It’s really sad what goes on inside the UN, and I’ve always said the UN is a really bad idea to begin with. Power centralized is way too dangereous for regular humans to toy with.

EDIT: And just to go along with it, from JPOST, “Under the rubric of the need to choose one’s battles, Israel is not putting a lot of energy into battling the annual anti-Israel ritual at the UN known as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, scheduled for Monday.”